TAKE CARE: Staying Cool while Staying Home

“True love is born from understanding”


It is challenging everywhere to stay cool when we have to stay safe and stay at home. After awhile it is normal to get “cabin fever” and become restless and antsy. We are all trying to cope but are going to do it differently — and sometimes to the annoyance of those with whom we are in our “safe place” together. Here are some tips to TAKE CARE.

Let’s see if we can put these into practice. Let’s get through this together!

Take Time

  • means taking that extra moment to understand each other when we have unspoken expectations of one another — doing so will reduce conflicts and stress!

Ask First

  • do not assume (old adage is still true-it makes an ass of you and me). We may just have a different picture of what is “right” right now— breathe then communicate and clarify constantly. Better this practice than brooding all day.

Keep Positive

  • reduces dark moods, frustration and anger — we need to stay as resilient as possible and not fall prey to demons — it’s way too easy to begin to spiral down and then gets harder to drag ourselves back up. I’m not saying this one is easy — just necessary.

Exercise Daily and Eat Properly

  • increases energy, positivity and promotes health — we want to come out of this stronger and ready to face a new world. Save the comfort food and day in bed all day for when we really need it — and we will need it!

Care Compassionately

  • offers key to resilience and empathy for those going through this with us — if any one of us suffers, we all suffer. Try to see ourselves in each other, in our choices and in our actions. I am you. I am thou. Ubuntu. We are as one in this moment.

Accept Differences

  • recognizes and respects we all cope differently, together — practicing patience with our differences strengthens trust and builds lasting bonds between us. It means bending a bit so that we do not break apart.

Rest, Renew and Reflect

  • gives permission to take a break and connect with yourself — it means allowing time for the quiet to heal us. It also helps us to pause to get perspective. There are many others who are suffering great loss and have few resources. Be humble in our privilege, holding the rest of the world in consciousness.

Enjoy the Moment

  • find what gives you joy and hope; remind yourself daily — even in the face of crisis, find the small grace that may be present on a given day — express gratitude and embrace each other and this moment with love.

Let’s take care of one another.



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Zachary Gabriel Green

Zachary Gabriel Green

Reflections and musings on the emerging moment.